Voltbots are enemies in SteamWord Dig and SteamWorld Heist.

SteamWorld Dig Era Edit

Rusty found a way to an area known as Vectron, where four known Voltbots, being a Catapiller Bots, Kamikaze Bots, Laser Turrets and Laser Boxes. He found his way deeper down, only to find the controller of the other Voltbots, the Voltbot who murdered Uncle Joe and claimed that his is now a part of itself, also trying to make Rusty a part of them. Ho -wever Rusty destroyed that Voltbot and traveled even more.

SteamWorld Heist Era Edit

After Piper Faraday and her crew killed the Red Queen, she tried to rescue her prisoner and found out that was the second Voltbot hivemind who also gave Chop Sue her powers, that Voltbot left and went to recall the other Voltbots to invade the broken Earth, only to beaten by Piper and her crew. These Voltbots come in six forms, being: Soldier Bots, Hover Bots, Lasers, Laser Bots, Protection Orbs and Orb Bots.

Apperances Edit