Voltbot is the primary representative for the Vectron hive mind and the main antagonist of SteamWorld Dig. He is connected to a massive blue body with several missing parts and attached to many cooling fans which prevent him from overheating and, as a result, being destroyed.

For much of the game, Voltbot's existence is never acknowledged until he is met in person. However, as the caves are explored further, his scattered technology is continuously seen (the Orbs and traces of electricity in his inventions), hinting at an unknown force deep below the soil.

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Voltbot was attempting to usher in a new era in which he would rule. He needed the heart of a powerful being, so he left upgrades for Rusty throughout the mine. Uncle Joe did not have the heart of a powerful being that Rusty had, so he gave up his life willingly and became one with Voltbot's programming.

Rusty confronted him at the bottom of his domain, Vectron. Voltbot offered Rusty the chance to merge with him into the perfect machine so that they could rule the land together, only to be refused. Deciding to take the Steambot's heart by force, Voltbot attacked him. However, Rusty damaged the evil machine's cooling fans several times to stun him enough to land blows on his central eye. This was enough to break him down and cause an explosion large enough to reduce Vectron to rubble.

Though he won in the outcome, Rusty is later seen walking in the desert with blue eyes, suggesting he somehow became part of Voltbot himself after all. However, Rusty's true fate is unknown.

Boss StrategyEdit

Voltbot is attached to 3-7 cooling fans which need to be destroyed. While you carry out this task, he will drop eggs that hatch into the robotic enemies from Vectron and shoot you with his huge laser eye. Each time you destroy a fan, a pickup will appear where the fan was. Once the fans are destroyed, he will be stunned and unable to attack. He is open to three hits and then he will begin to attack again and surround himself with protective electricity. This process is repeated twice more, with more fans, harder enemies, and more aggressive shots from Voltbot. On the last round, he will shoot a white laser beam from his eye that spins 180 degrees around the room.