Vectron Example

Rusty getting an Upgrade in Vectron.

Vectron is the final area of the game and is the domain of Voltbot. It's very high-tech, apparently cold, and looks very blue.


Before Rusty reached Vectron, it was believed that it was very hot and only contained lava and molten rock. It is here that the final boss fight takes place and Rusty becomes missing-in-action. 


Vectron is the last mine area and is reached by getting to the bottom of Old World with the Fall Dampeners (although it can be done without them). It's full of a lot of new enemies as well as gravity following blocks, which are dangerous and can kill you instantly. The first, final, and only boss, Voltbot, is found at the bottom of the area.

Vectron is the area that introduces the most new enemies, as well as its boss. The new enemies include Mecha Trilobites - tougher versions of the first enemies found in Archae, Laser Turrets, Laser Boxes, and Kamikaze Bots.

Unlike the previous areas, Vectron only has two upgrade caves, but it does have two Teleporters. One about midway, and one outside the final boss room.

Upgrades Edit

The Upgrades found in the two main caves in Vectron are:

  1. Mineral Detector - Allows the player to see Ores and Gems on the map.
  2. Static Dash - Allows the player to double jump.
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