Rusty and Dorothy in Tumbleton.

Tumbleton is a small mining town located in an unknown desert. Its mine is the main setting of SteamWorld Dig. It acts as a hub in which Rusty can buy upgrades from Hank McCrank, Dandy, and Biff or exchange ore and gems for money from Dorothy. As you level up, more shops will open. A fully developed Tumbleton features a total of 3 shops and 2 transport tubes, plus a teleporter.




  • Although you can have up to 6 residents (including Rusty), the sign at the front of town always says "Population: 3".
  • Lamps, teleporters, and ladders cannot be placed in Tumbleton.
  • Dynamite can be used in Tumbleton, but it causes no damage.
  • Its name is most likely related to tumbleweeds, as seen in the opening cut-scene.