A trilobite to the right.

Trilobites are small, bug-like creatures that spend most of their time dormant in the soil until they are disturbed by nearby digging. When Rusty digs nearby a dormant trilobite, it will damage the tile it occupies and one on each side of it, until it breaks loose. Dormant trilobites damage the soil once for every time Rusty swings his pickaxe. Attacking a dormant trilobite will instantly kill it. When active, they walk back and forth, turning around when they reach a ledge or a wall. Trilobites do half a bar of contact damage, but they do not have any active attacks.

Mecha Trilobite Edit

Mecha Trilobites are tougher, mechanical variants of normal Trilobites that appear in Vectron. They have more health, and they do a full bar's worth of contact damage.

Relatives Edit

Evolved Trilobites called "larvae"(real name unknown) are found in SteamWorld Dig 2 underground.