Treasures are items in SteamWorld Heist that can be sold for greater than normal profit. They seem to have no other benefit. Each treasure only appears in certain game area, with more expensive items appearing later in the game.

Treasures marked with asterisk (*) in the table below are added by "The Outsider" DLC and will only drop if that DLC is installed.

List of Treasures Edit

Name Value Area
Bronze Teapot 800 The Outskirts
Gold Bar 1000 The Outskirts
Hermetic Horror Herring 1600 The Outskirts
Dillydally Trench Coat* 1800 The Outskirts
Ming Vase 2000 The Outskirts
Kong-genial Canvas* 2500 The Core
Hamburger 2800 The Core
Bronze Trophy 3000 The Core
Silver Trophy 3400 The Core
Gold Trophy 3600 The Core
Fate Token 3800 Deep Space
The Ancient Steam 4200 Deep Space
Old Radio 4600 Deep Space
Probable Poetry* 4800 Deep Space
Nuclear Toaster 5000 Deep Space