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"Without Rusty, this place is exhaustively devoid of class."
Dandy Alexander after Rusty's disappearance (SWD)

Rusty became a miner in Tumbleton shortly after the death of his uncle Joe. He helped the town to regrow by selling resources to Dorothy McCrank during his stay. After learning about his uncle's real fate deep down in Vectron, Rusty fought and defeated the Voltbot. This caused everything below the Old World to collapse, seemingly burying the Steambot alive during a final vectron upgrade. [1] Rusty's fate remained unclear to most residents of Tumbleton for many years.[2]

About 40 to 50 years[3] after his disappearance, his friend Dorothy McCrank started to search for him in El Machino, where some people claimed to have seen a red scarfed miner. During the events of SWD2, Dorothy got the impression that Rusty did numerous bad things that caused the earthquakes beneath the city. In the final minutes of the game, it was revealed that Rusty actually tried anything to stop Rosie from her evil doings, only to end up being captured and used as an energy source by her. After being rescued by Dorothy and Fen, the heavily weakened Rusty witnessed the destruction of Earth due to the explosion of Rosie's unstable "Fusion Distillery", which was apparently made from Vectron hybrid technology, like Rusty, and Rosie's mech.

He was one of the few surviving members of Steambot society that escaped into space and helped to rebuild civilisation there.[2]


Early Life[]

SteamWorld Dig[]

He arrives in Tumbleton after receiving a deed to the local mine from his uncle, Joe. He finds his uncle dead, so he grabs his pickaxe and begins his way through the mines. Throughout the game, he receives a number of upgrades and after the final battle, he is thought to be missing in action. During the credits, he is shown walking through the desert at night with blue eyes. This may hint that after defeating Voltbot, he became a part of Voltbot himself. The Steam Achievement "Assimilated"'s description implies he is now immortal. This is confirmed in Steamworld Heist, as Rusty is seen during the ending cutscene, after beating Vectron.

SteamWorld Dig 2[]

Rusty went missing after SteamWorld Dig, and his disappearance drives the plot of the sequel. His friend Dorothy from the first game has set out to search for him. He is then found in the Oasis, in the giant previously locked metal gate, after destroying all Devices of Destruction.

SteamWorld Heist[]

Rusty makes a cameo appearance in the ending cutscene in SteamWorld Heist. On the second slide, he can be seen inside the trailer holding a water bottle.

Non-Canon Events[]

Rusty has been featured in some games that where not developed by Image & Form. All of these appearances have been confirmed to be non-canon to the SteamWorld lore.[4]


Zombie Vikings[]

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge[]

88 Heroes[]

Bounty Battle[]

It is suggested that Rusty has been transported into the world of Bounty Battle by some kind of portal. He has to participate in a tournment by fighting characters from different universes. His visual appearance and moves are mostly based on his upgrades in SWD. He is able to summon Dorothy McCrank (together with Fen) as a supporting character.


Rusty is a virtually silent steambot, making it hard to determine what his personality is like. From the few words he speaks, we can tell that he has an adventurous and heroic personality. Rusty was willing to sacrifice himself to save his fellow Steambots by attacking and destroying Voltbot.


Steam Jump: Uses previously collected water and uses it for a charged high jump. It can break a few types of stone.

Dash Boots: Allows Rusty to run and after running for a little while he can jump higher and farther than usual.

Furnace: Allows rusty to see in the dark, but costs fuel. It can also be upgraded

Old Pickaxe: This is an old pickaxe Rusty got from his uncle. It is your main tool and used the most. It is also your first form of attack. It can be upgraded several times.

It has late game alternatives for example: the Drill, dynamite, and more.

Steam Punch: A late game form of attack that pushes a fist out of a tube at a high speed, it can be used for long range combat and mining. It is good if you don't like to get up close and personal with enemies. It can be upgraded as well.

Static Jump: This is the final upgrade Rusty gets from the mines. It acts as a double jump that can also be used to destroy turrets if hit midair when activated.



  • Joe (Uncle) †



Character Development[]

Character Conception[]


An some concept art as well as some sprite work, Rusty can be seen smoking a cigar. Tobias Nilsson likes to draw characters smoking to make them look more tough and "badass". This was cut during development, most likely to keep the age rating down.[5]

Final Design[]

As a pure steambot, Rusty is bronze colored with a built-in furnace. He's wearing a western cowboy hat, western cowboy boots with a Star on the sides, a small pressure gauge and a ripped, red cloth used as a scarf. He also has deep green eyes and a steampipe is sticking out of his back.

As a hybrid, Rusty's appearance is mostly unchanged. His eyes are now glowing blue and in place of his furnace he now has a red orb in his chest similar to the eye of Voltbot, presumably this is what powers Rusty as instead of purely steam he has some electrical components.

Name Origin[]

Rusty stands for a metal object affected by rust.


Appearances of Rusty

SteamWorld Games (canonical order):

Other Games (non-canon):

  • 2015 - Runbow (playable character)
  • 2015 - Zombie Vikings (cameo)
  • 2016 - Mutant Mudds Super Challenge (playable character)
  • 2017 - 88 Heroes - RSG Champions DLC (playable character)
  • 2017 - 88 Heroes: 98 Heroes Edition (playable character)
  • 2017 - Mutant Mudds Collection (playable character)
  • 2020 - Bounty Battle (playable character)
  • Unreleased - Hex Heroes (playable character)


"Could be part of my uncle's mine, I guess. All it needs is a splash of paint"
Rusty to himself after accidentally breaking into Joe's Mine (SWD)

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