Vectron Example 2

Rusty under attack from a Laser Turret.

A Laser Turret, or just 'Turret', is an enemy in SteamWorld Dig that can be found in Vectron. They are turrets that fire long lasers and attack the player or other enemies. They can be attached to either breakable ground or solid walls, which means there are multiple strategies to defeat them. If they're attached to the ground, they can simply be repetitively hit whilst the player dodges its lasers or the block it's attached to can be destroyed, resulting in instant death. If it's attached to the wall it can be hit like before, but in most cases, it will be high up and/or out of reach, so using the Steam Punch will be required. Once the Static Dash is unlocked, double-jumping into the turret will instantly destroy it.

Appearances Edit

  • 2013 - SteamWorld Dig