Vectron Example 3

Rusty and a few activated Laser Boxes.

A Laser Box is an enemy in SteamWorld Dig that can be found in Vectron. They fire a constant laser beam in the direction their facing, which activates when the player gets in close range. Their laser beams can eventually destroy any block, apart from solid walls, and any enemy. They look like metal boxes the size of any block with a purple eye in the middle that constantly stares at Rusty. Defeating them can often take often take a long time as they can take a lot of hits, but they can be stunned for a few seconds by hitting them with a pickaxe, drill, or steam punch. The easiest way to defeat one is by constantly drilling at it for 30 seconds until it dies. This will reward you with an achievement.

Appearances Edit

  • 2013 - SteamWorld Dig