There are a variety of upgrades and items that can be bought from the three shops in Tumbleton. 'C' stands for coins, 'o' stands for orbs, 'gd' stands for ground damage, and 'ed' stands for enemy damage.


  • Old Pickaxe: Obtained at the beginning of the game from the late Uncle Joe. Has 1 gd and 1 ed.
  • Drill: Obtained in the third upgrade cave in Archaea. Has (?) gd and 1 ed.
  • Steam Punch: Obtained in the second upgrade cave in Old World. Has (?) gd and (?) ed.
  • Lantern: Has 3 bars.
  • Pouch: Has 3 slots (each slot holds 4 ore or 1 gem).
  • Tank: Obtained in the second upgrade cave in Archae, along with the Steam Jump. Has 2 bars of water.
  • Health: Has 2 bars.

Hank McCrank's Shop (level 2):


Name Cost Effect Description
2 Health 1-10c* Restores all health. The cost depends on your current amount of health. "Give ye a nice pick-me-up and restore ye to full health."
2 Sharp Pickaxe 8c Allows pickaxe to break smooth soil. "I'll sharpen that pickaxe for ye. It'll let ye dig into harder soil."
2 Copper Pickaxe 30c +2 gd to pickaxe. "Sturdier than what ye've got, at least."
2 Ladder 5c

A single, permanent ladder segment to place somewhere. You can have up to 5.

"Practical thing to keep on yer person. Ye can stack them on top of each other to get out of tricky situations."
2 (requires previous upgrade) Bronze Pickaxe 50c +2 gd to pickaxe. "Adding a bit of tin to that blade should strengthen it."
2 (requires previous upgrade) Iron Pickaxe 75c +2 gd to pickaxe. "Now this is some premium grade metal. Nice and pure."
2 (requires previous upgrade) Steel Pickaxe 125c, 5o +2 gd to pickaxe. "I'll temper yer blade and ye should get some more punch to yer digging."
3 Medium Pouch 30c +1 inventory slot. "Ye'll need a bigger pouch if ye want to bring up some bigger hauls."
3 (requires previous upgrade) Big Pouch 75c +1 inventory slot. "Ye just need to put ye back into it and ye'll be able to carry this pouch."
3 (requires previous upgrade) Bigger Pouch 150c, 5o +1 inventory slot. "This is the biggest pouch I'm able to manufacture on me own."
3 Lamp 3c

A single, permanent lamp to place somewhere. You can have up to 4.

"Ye can mark out a spot ye want to keep bright with these placeable lamps."

4 Coal Lantern 75c, 3o +60 seconds of light. "If we upgrade yer furnace to burn coal instead of wood it'll shine a bit longer."
5 Teleporter 3o

A single, permanent Teleporter to place somewhere. You can only have 1 at a time.

"Joe's strange devices. He'd use them to create shortcuts back to Tumbleton. Ye're welcome to try them out."
6 Deep Tank 75c +1 max water. "I can expand that water tank for ye a wee bit."
6 (requires previous upgrade) Dual Tank 150c,5o +1 max water. "I guess I could add another tank, next to the one ye've got."
6 Plate Armor 50c +1 max health. I'll slap some pieces onto that armor of yers. Make it a bit tougher."
6 (requires previous upgrade) Sturdy Armor 100c,5o +1 max health. "A bit of welding should make those armor pieces fit together better."
7 Damaging Pickaxe


Pickaxe gets +1 ed. "Ye want to treat the tip of yer pickaxe with this? Make shorter work of most fiends."
7 Pressurizer 100c,5o -50% Steam Jump water usage. "These add-on pressure chambers will optimize yer steam jump."

(requires upgrade from the mine)

Dynamite 8c

A single stick of dynamite to throw. You can hold up to 5.

"Pretty basic, ye throw it at whatever ye want to blow to smithereens. Just try not to get caught in yer own blast."

*1c per 10% health needed to restore, rounded up. For example, if you are at 64% health it will cost 4c.

Biff's Shop (level 8):


Name Cost Effect Description
8 Tungsten Pickaxe 200c +2 gd to pickaxe. "A robust axe for an adventurer like yourself."
8 (requires previous upgrade) Silver Pickaxe 250c +2 gd to pickaxe. "A liquid silver core will give that swing some extra heft."
8 (requires previous upgrade) Gold Pickaxe 300c +2 gd to pickaxe. "Upgrade that core to gold to put even more weight in your swing."
8 (requires previous upgrade) Platinum Pickaxe 350c,5o +2 gd to pickaxe. "Durable is the word best used to describe this here pick."
8 DrillMaster 250c +4 gd to drill. "The DrillMaster 3000 is a drill head with advanced ridge grooves to help shuffle harder dirt."
8 (requires previous upgrade) Drill-o-tron 425c,5o +4 gd to drill. "The Drill-o-tron is the latest and greatest in drill head technology"
8 Oil Lantern 250c,3o +60 seconds of light. "Oil! It's the way of the future, sonny."
9 Gigantic Pouch 200c +1 inventory slot. "Roomy as a stage coach, this one."
9 (requires previous upgrade) Humongous Pouch 500c +1 inventory slot. "There's a handy stretchiness to the fabric of this here pouch. Class out the wazoo."
9 Water Seal 15o +50% water from pools (3 bars instead of 2). "A sealing solution so you don't lose a drop of the water you find."
10 Huge Tank 300c +1 max water. "Old tank will have to come out, pilgrim, but I'm sure we can fit a bigger one in there."
10 (requires previous upgrade) Super Tank 500c,5o +1 max water. "Bigger is always better. We just have to move some stuff around."
10 Hard Armor 250c +1 max health. "I can get some more protection out of this armor by tempering the metal, pardner."
10 (requires previous upgrade) Thick Armor 500c,5o +1 max health. "By layering your armor with a metal of higher quality, it can get real tough."
11 Improved Hydraulics 500c,5o -33% drill water drain. "This will generate less friction so you'll save some of that water."
12 Swift Pickaxe 750c,10o +2 gd to pickaxe. "Durable is the word best used to describe this here pick."

Dandy's Shop (level 13):


Name Cost Effect Description
13 Garnet Pickaxe 400c +2 gd to pickaxe. "Sharp and tough. Oh, and it comes in multiple colors.."
13 (requires previous upgrade) Emerald Pickaxe 500c +2 gd to pickaxe. "One can always do with an upgrade on the hardness scale."
13 (requires previous upgrade) Ruby Pickaxe 600c +2 gd to pickaxe. "It's not only the magnificent colour that demands a premium."
13 (requires previous upgrade) Diamond Pickaxe 700c,5o +2 gd to pickaxe. "Hard as hard can be. Timeless beauty is just icing on the cake."
13 Drill Star 600c +4 gd to drill. "Drill Star! Accept no substitute."
13 (requires previous upgrade) Hyper Drill 800c,5o +4 gd to drill. "The Hyper Drill will cut through diamond encrusted platinum without a single hiccup."
13 Sucker Punch 500c +2 gd and +1 ed to Steam Punch. "Those rocks won't know what hit them. All's fair in love and mining."
13 (requires previous upgrade) Hammer Punch 750c +2 gd and +1 ed to Steam Punch. "Now with more efficient force build-up."
13 (requires previous upgrade) Knock Out Punch 1000c,5o +2 gd and +1 ed to Steam Punch. "You'll not find a rougher tool enhancement this side of the Rio Grande."
13 Plasma Lantern 500c,3o +60 second light duration. "The latest advances in physics. It will make you shine like the star you are."
14 Gargantuan Pouch 1000c,5o +1 inventory slot. "Triple hemmed and double layered to handle a massive amount of the most arduous load."
15 Unfathomable Tank 750c +1 max water. "I really haven't got the exact measurements for this one. Perceivably limitless, isn't it?
15 (requires previous upgrade) Bottomless Tank 1000c,5o +1 max water. "Echo... echo... echo... I guess there could be a bottom somewhere down there, after all."
15 Super Armor 750c +1 max health. "This armor has been cast from the highest grade of metal available."
15 (requires previous upgrade) Uber armor 1000c,5o +1 max health. "The metal has been folded and folded again until it's as strong as possible."
16 Hydraulic Fluid 20o +50% Steam Punch charge speed. "With proper lubrication you'll be able to increase the output."
MAX Damage Reduction 3000c,10o 25% damage resistance. "By reshaping the angles of your armour, the fiends will never hit true."

Trivia Edit

You can put up to 100 items in the mine and there's no way to destroy them. There is a way to expand that, but it involves modifying the games files.